My Engagement within STB

Article from Leoulseged Kassahun (Program Coordinator of STB Ethiopia)

Leoulseged Kassahun

Leoulseged Kassahun

To begin with, I am Leoulseged Kassahun, born in Addis Ababa 32 years back, married and currently my wife is expecting our baby. I have an MA degree in Counseling Psychology from Addis Ababa University and have participated in many different long- and short-term job trainings. I’ve got twelve years of work experience, of which I was teaching five years. The remaining seven years I worked at different local and international NGO’s as a social worker, program manager and as an executive director for a local NGO working for impoverished elders. This was the organization and position I worked for before joining STB.

Actually I know STB since I was collecting data for my MA thesis four years ago. My topic was the prevalence of psycho-social problems and the coping strategies of street-children. For this I selected NGO’s working with street-children in Addis Ababa, such as STB. By the end of last year, four years later, I applied for the job announced as coordinator of the program. Before I was chosen among the other participants, I was called in for a written exam and an interview. The competition was actually not easy, but after all I liked the way we were examined by the management of STB.

To me STB is special regarding the use of sport as main tool to support the sustainable development of disadvantaged children and their families who are affected by streetism. The KRAFT-model is a unique teaching strategy, which can be adapted to a variety of beneficiaries.

My responsibilities within STB are coordinating all the activities of child, youth and family care team and planning, monitoring and coaching team-building processes. I believe that I can share my experience in developing further to more effective and efficient accomplishments. For this I want to focus on the team building spirit and create networks with likeminded organizations.

At this place I want to express my heartfelt thanks for having this opportunity to work for STB Ethiopia.


Leoulseged Kassahun

Program Coordinator Sport the Bridge, Ethiopia

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