Heart surgery at Israel for STB child

STB was facilitated heart surgery treatment in Israel for Addisu Girma who is former street child and one of Sport – The Bridge beneficiaries. The 16 years old boy Addisu Girma had suffered for long time with chronic heart problem which does not treated in Ethiopia.  He was also addicted in substance abuse, as a result his heart problem was aggravated and finally he was highly at risk to survive. The long treatment to safe his life in Ethiopia had not helped a lot to solve his problem completely and at the end found the chance in Israel with the help of Save a Child’s Heart in Israel Foundation. He followed treatment in E. Wolfson Medical Center in Israel from October 2010 till February 2011 and return back to his home in good condition. Currently Addisu is in a good health status and preparing himself with help of STB to live healthy life style.

Sport – The Bridge would like to extend its gratitude to all involved bodies for this support : organization Save a Child’s Heart in Israel Foundation, all people from Switzerland who supported the flight and Sr. Yaynabeba  Fenta who took the responsibility of the child during the treatment.