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Hookup Hotshot is based around the dream of choosing up horny girls on the internet and then filming the action that transpires if you meet them. The hook is the action turns into demanding and hard sex where makeup becomes smeared and the girls cum as they’ve never cum before. Let’s get cracking on what’s inside…

Hookup Hotshot has numerous positive things going for it that it’s hard to pick its best feature, but the first thing I loved about it was all the content has been consistent with the assumption of this site which is rough sex and creamy facials. It’s high octane pornography which isn’t mailed in like so many other sites appear to be. Which brings me to… The guy behind the site is Bryan Gozzling who seems to have full control of both the production and the direction of Hookup Hotshot. You totally get the vibe that pornography is his fire and it’s refreshing to find this. The quality of the girls is topnotch. The site features a lot of the newest (and hottest) porn celebrities that have entered the biz. Odds are that for many of the girls this is the first time they’ve shot this kind of content. Both the production and the true content here is superb. I love the usage of lighting that’s used here. I love the models. I love the various formats available. It’s all only done extremely well.

It’s the exact opposite of romantic pornography and elegant erotica, so look elsewhere if this ‘s what you’re looking for. The archive isn’t massive yet as the site started in 2015 and with just 1 update post weekly, it is going to require some time to construct a significant catalogue. When I viewed the site, the hosting appeared somewhat on the slow side when loading the movies. This can be likely attributed to growing pains and I wager it’ll be solved sooner rather than later if the problem persists.

When it comes to rough sex scenes, I’d say the online popularity of these content surfaced at the mid 2000’s and then it started becoming somewhat stale. I gotta say that this site brings back it to epic Alldaybang levels. Not only is it based on a pretty cool dream (picking up sexy and horny chicks on the internet ) but it’s shot and produced in a way that blows away anything which could have been done 10 years ago. As long as Hookup Hotshot keeps shooting girls like this and adding content at its present rate, it has a chance to be epic.

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