Exciting Family Integration

Sport the Bridge does family integration work for the street children in Addis Ababa Ethiopia as the children took the training of life skills through Sport.  While it does family integration, it could be in the city that is with in Addis Ababa or it could be even out side the city in the country side. I would like to tell you one of our beautiful experiences of country side family integration Sport – The Bridge did last week in mid of June, 2011.

Tadele came from Eastern part of the country called “Diredawa”, he is 11 years old and grade 3 student.  It is about 3 months since he came to Addis Ababa and lives as a street boy.  He came to the city with his two friends where they also live near by each other.  The third one returned back to his home quickly after their arrived to Addis Ababa and Tadele and the other friend stayed.  Why did they come to the capital city was they heard that they can get a lot of money over there, Tadele says.


Not very far from their arrival in Addis Ababa Sport – The Bridge found them on the street and accepted them as a member.  When Tadele was doing discussion with the integration worker and try to set an objective, he said that he would like to go back home because he dreamed his grand mother dying.


Sport – The Bridge planed to take back Tadele and his friend and made ready both children.  Here is my observation that I would like to share most, when Tadele reached to his home with the STB workers his ant sow him from far and she fainted out.  She could not awake easily then people pour water on her that is when she waked up.  Then all the neighbours were visiting him, everybody was cheering up because he is found.  The grand mother told and showed the paper that she made announcement in the city with his picture so that if anybody see him to inform the family.  The grand mother sent for us the paper together with the picture she posted so that it is an evidence for us.

My conclusion is, all parents or families all the time should show such an affection or reaction when they get back their children from street despite from all other economical and social problems, but the actual situation is there are some parents who are not welcoming their children when STB takes them home someone might not see even a surprised face when they see their children after so long time – what can we call this?  I do not thing this is natural!  I ask this especially for individuals who have got their own children.

Note:-  the name of the child is not the real name.